Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Migration Agents in Australia - What You need to Know

Look for a registered migration agent

The migration agents in Australia has to be registered with the MARA – Migration Agents Registration Authority. An approved and registered migration agent is can give advises about the visa requirements and can help you to apply your visa application. In Australia it's ilegal to give advise about the visa requirements if you are not properly registered. If you decide to use a migration agent in Melbourne you will need to if the agent is registered with MARA. It is good to choose Registered migration agent because:
  • The properly registered agents passed a individual character test, have finished a complete course in Australia Immigration Law and they must follow the Code of Conduct;
  • The registered agents need to sustain their registration yearly and go to special professional seminars;
  • Every properly registered agent in Melbourne, need to have updated and current access to the Migration Regulations and Migration Act;
  • Each registered migration agent have the knowledge and expertise to help reduce the delays that happen by the insufficient knowledge of the migration law. By working with this kind og migration agent, you maximise your possibility of getting your visa on time;


    What registered migration agents should know

Australian migration agents should have a great knowledge of the migration law, to be able to help any customer with different issues. The information about you as a customer and your visa application will be kept strictly confidential. Your migration agent also has the task to keep you informed throughout the process with your visa application. Therefore the best thing you can do before choosing an agent, is to make a good research about which agent is the best for you.

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