Monday, October 26, 2015

10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Nowadays, cooking is seen more of an art rather than a mundane household chore. What we believe have contributed for that is the variety of kitchen appliances available out there, which feature elaborate functions and make a kitchen a storehouse of beauty and luxury.

But aside from all the functional advantages, some of these appliances are also designed to save our time and energy. Below is a list with 10 kitchen appliances every modern kitchen should have.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Planetary Gearbox Efficiency Explained

Planetary gear (also called epicyclic gear) is a kind of a gear arrangement usually used for applications where dealing with high gear ratio and small dimensions is present. Although there are many different types of planetary gear, the three and four wheel types are the most common. Gearboxes that use a three wheel design implement the three planetary gears in two different stages. However, a three wheel design cannot make use of three planetary gears since here, three wheels addresses the number of the distinctive sizes not the number of the planetary wheels. One stage can sometimes come to a ratio of ten and there are certain instances when a higher ratio is required. When one needs to achieve a higher ratio, they should pair two or more stages and this should be done in an enclosure so that a gearbox with variable ratio and axis direction of the rotation is created.