Monday, October 26, 2015

10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Nowadays, cooking is seen more of an art rather than a mundane household chore. What we believe have contributed for that is the variety of kitchen appliances available out there, which feature elaborate functions and make a kitchen a storehouse of beauty and luxury.

But aside from all the functional advantages, some of these appliances are also designed to save our time and energy. Below is a list with 10 kitchen appliances every modern kitchen should have.

1. Fridge

A fridge is essential to store fresh and cooked food, keeping their freshness intact while minimizing wastage.

Things to look for when buying a fridge:

  • Measure the space available for the fridge in your kitchen. Don't forget to add the extra space necessary to easily pull open the door. 
  • Choose a fridge with adjustable shelves. That will allow you to create more space.
  • The capacity of your fridge will depend on the number of people living in the house and on its usage.
  • Keep in mind that more capacity means more expensive prices.
  • When purchasing for fridge online or offline, look for a higher star energy rating fridge that is energy efficient.

2. Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktops allow instant heat control, which allows you to capture all the flavours in your favorite dishes.

Things to look for when buying a gas cooktop:

  • Before you decide to buy a cooktop online or in a local store, you should first check if mains gas is available where you live. If not, you will have to opt for a model that offer the option of using bottled LPG. It is important to mention that these models are a bit more expensive than mains gas cooktop models.   
  • Look for a gas cooktop model that comes with the flame failure feature. This feature is extremely important because it ensures the gas will automatically cut out or reignite in case the flame goes out. 
  • You will be able to find a vast range of cooktop online and offline. So, decide if you want a square or a rectangular model? Plus, make sure you have the necessary space on your kitchen to fit the cooktop. 
  • Look for a range of simmer, medium and large sized burners and give preference for burner that are spaced out, so you can use multiple pots at once. 

3. Microwave Oven

Designed mostly to heat cook food, modern models can even cook and bake food too.

Things to look for when buying a microwave oven:

  • Take into consideration the oven size and its wattage.
  • Choose a model that features variable settings and an easy user interface. 
  • Check if the model has an automatic turntable, which allows quicker heating.
  • You can consider a model with grilling features. 

4. Hand-Held Blender

Hand-held blender is a convenient small appliance that you can use to blend, grind and mix food.

Things to look for when buying a hand-held blender:

  • Choose a model that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It should have a sturdy blending container with easy functions, and also a long cord.
  • Easier to use than a mixer, a hand-held blender is great for those who like to make shakes and mix dosa batter. 

5. Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is used essentially to brew coffee.

Things to look for when buying a coffee maker:

  • Look for a model with easy cleaning features. It should also include a water filter, a steam wand and manual water control. 
  • If you are apt to spend some extra money, you can choose a model that can also grind the coffee beans. 

6. Toaster

A toaster is a small kitchen appliance that you can use to toast multiple types of bread.

Things to look for when buying a toaster

  • Look for a model that is energy efficient, has a double stot and a centering device that ensures even toasting.
  • To make it easy-to-clean, it should have a removable tray. 
  • It should also feature wide slots to accommodate various types of bread. 

7. Blender

A blender is used essentially to blend, mix or puree solid substances.

Things to look for when buying a blender:

  • Look for a model that comes with a sturdy jar and sharp blades.
  • It should also be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Make sure that the blender can breakdown items such as fruit, vegetables and grains. 

8. Food Processor

Similar to a blender, a food processor is an electronic device that comes with multiple blades and attachments that allow you to do numerous things in one single machine. You can use a food processor to grate, chop, shred, mince, etc. Unlike regular mixers, it doesn't require any liquid to process food.

Things to look for when buying a food processor.

  • Put attention to the number and sizes of blades it comes with. Check also the material of the appliance such as metal, plastic or porcelain. 
  • The appliance should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • A food processor that comes with lids, a wide-feeding tube and versatile blades makes the best choice. 

9. Juicer

Juicer is an electronic machine designed to extract juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs in an easy and simple way.

Things to look for when buying a juicer:

  • A right choice should be a juicer that is durable, easy to clean and simple to use. 
  • The power usage and storage are two other things to consider.

10. Sandwich Maker or Panini Presses

You can use a sandwich maker or panini presses to toast sandwiches easily. These appliances can sometimes also be used for making pancakes and waffles and frying eggs and omelets.

Things to look for when buying a sandwich maker or panini presses
  • Look the amount of storage space it needs.
  • Measure your counter top size as well as the height of the sandwich maker, so it won't cause you inconvenience. 

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