Thursday, June 9, 2016

Drinking Card Games For Two People

Drinking card games appropriated for two people are a fun way to spice things up in a relationship or even a friendship. They can be pretty interesting and extremely entertaining. The only thing you need is lots of alcohol and playing cards.


This is a simple drinking card game best played with one friend or better yet, your partner. So, one of you deals, and you start the game when one turns over a card from the deck top. Then, the other person tries to guess if the next card form the deck will have a higher or lower value than the previous card. If you’re wrong you drink, if you’re right the dealer drinks.

Drunken Uno

If you’ve heard about the notorious Uno, then the modified version, called Drunken Uno is played with a bottle(s) of your favorite alcoholic beverage. The rules are quite simple: Every time you skip your tunr or a reverse card is played, you drink. Also, you take shots every time the other player changes his/hers color. By drawing cards from the stack, , you need to take a drink for every card that is drawn until you can play it. If you fail to call Uno with just one card in your hand, you draw 5 shots and 5 cards. First one to call Uno is the winner.

The Lady Has the Deck

As you’ve seen, drinking card games for two people are really cool and practical. This one is no exception. To start the game, you should draw out 3 queens and leave only one in. Jumble the cards and start drawing until one gets the queen. When you’ve gotten the queen, you have a choice of 3 things:
  1. take a shot
  2. perform a dare
  3. drink a nasty mix of alcohol
  4. Get Drunk and Go Fish
Most drinking card games for two people are modifications from original games. The Get Drunk and Go Fish has been modified so that the two of you can get really wasted. You play the game normally, except whenever someone gets a pair, he/she drinks. If you do not have a pair when you’re asked, you also drink, but when you get what you need, your opponent drinks. So, the only time you do not drink is when you ask if your partner has a pair and they actually do have it. The ending of the game comes when there are no cards left and the routed has to drink as many shots as his opponent has pairs.

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