Thursday, August 25, 2016

Benefits of Carrying a Folding Knife

A folding knife, also called pocket knife, is a small knife that consists one or two blades that fit inside the handle and can fit into a pocket. It is one of the most functional tools one can have as it can help in the accomplishment of certain jobs such as opening packages, letters, boxes, etc., and, in case you need, you can even use it for self-defense.

Simple yet functional, a folding knife is one the favourite tools of outdoorsman, craftsman and military personnel. Extremely versatile, a folding knife is worth every penny. Features of these knives include:

  • Compact – easily fit in the pocket
  • Handy – easy and safe to carry
  • Durable – can be used for years
  • Lightweight – you cannot even feel it in your pocket

Here are some of the benefits of carrying a folding knife with you.


Camping without a knife is almost impossible. From shaving down kindling to roasting corn on the fire, a folding knife is a must. And let's not forget the chance of having to fight some wild animal with your knife as well.


A fisherman without a folding knife isn't a fisherman; he is just a lonely guy sitting next to a lake. From removing hook to cutting lines, a good folding knife is vital for any fisherman. And while you wait for the fish to bit you can use your knife to open a cold beer.

First Aid

From making tourniquets to cutting bandages, you never know when a folding knife can come in handy. In a more serious scenario, if someone does get injured while you're outdoor, you can use your knife to carve messages to other people along the path.

What kind of folding knife should you get?

The most common types of folding knives are:

  • Jack Knife – it has a simple hinge at one end, and can have one or more blades. This type of knife is popular among fishermen, hunters, and campers. 
  • Pen knife – a knife that is hinged at both ends of the handle. If usually comes with two or three blades at each end and is good for those looking for more than one type of blade. It is also small and lightweight and cannot be noticed in the pocket of dress clothes. 
  • Multi-purpose knife – in addition to the knife blade this model also come with can openers, tweezers, scissors and leather punchers. These knives can be pretty handy for camping trips.  

Choosing a folding knife is a personal thing. It is pretty much the same as selecting a wallet. It all comes down to personal preference. As a rule of thumb, choose something that feels right in your hand, and that you will feel comfortable to carry around.

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