Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Diving Areas in Gold Coast

What's a better way to spend the day than with a good old diving experience? We Aussies, especially the ones living on the coast, are attached to salt and water and we love it! While the rest of the world is running around to get inside their homes as soon as possible, we can't wait for the working day to be over so we could get out and enjoy the sun, the summer breeze and the ocean. But oh well, that's the beauty of our country, right?

Our famous Gold Cost is home to some awesome diving sites, boasting year around access and a fish diversity that any other Australian city can only envy. If you're not fully equipped for the occasion, you can find the coolest Australian dive shop in Gold Coast simply because of the popularity of this sport in this part of our country. The turquoise colored ocean water, the soft sand and the inviting warmness of the beach will give adrenaline rush to anyone and will trick them into looking for that dive shop in Gold Coast, buy some equipment and get the snorkeling going.

The Gold Coast seaway is one of the most reliable sites in the region and there are five main dive sites where the annual water temperature is around 18-27 degrees celsius. This year around temperature makes the Gold Coast ideal for a pleasant, relaxed and fun diving experience. The South Wall area is probably the most popular diving site in Gold Coast. No matter if you're beginner or an advanced diver, the South Wall area will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy in the beautiful underwater world of our ocean waters. Besides the South Wall diving site, you can visit the South West, South East and North East Wall and the Wave Break Island dive areas. All of these diving sites are different yet every single one of them is stunningly beautiful, although some of them are better for beginners, some for advanced divers and others for both types of enthusiasts.

Some of the Gold Coast diving sites, such as the South West Wall area, offer night dives during appropriate seasons. These awesome night sessions offer amazing Tiger Prawns views that can be seen creeping around the seagrass. That's why passionate divers love visiting this part of Australia. The diversity, the many opportunities and the beautiful beaches are a perfect weekend getaway for anyone who wants a glimpse of the unbelievably interesting underwater world.

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