Monday, November 2, 2015

Advantages and Benefits of LED Lighting

One of the greatest advantages and benefits of LED lights (Light emitting diodes) are that they're more lasting and you don't have to change the bulb frequently. Led lights are tiny light bulbs which are energy efficient. Their way of operating is more different than the operating way of the traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, which gives them long-lasting durability. Led lighting is one of your best solutions to save power, low maintenance costs and also a higher safety. LED's are chosen for many applications like residential lighting, electric instrumentation, traffic safety and transportation, aviation and many others.

The exact amount of light can affect on your positivism and life in your home also. Led lights can be found in specialized stores for lightning but also there are many company suppliers for Led lights online with exclusive designs for a low price. You can browse for them to see what they offer. The benefits and advantages of Led lights are infinite and below in the text are specified some of them.


Led lights are highly energy efficient. They consume up to 90 % less power than the incandescent bulbs. Led lights regenerate 95 % of the energy into light and 5 % on heat, which compared to fluorescent light is 95 % on energy to heat, and only 5 % into light. As a result of their life span and the low maintenance, you can be able to save a lot of energy but also money.


Led bulbs and diodes have an extreme operational lifetime expectations of up 100.000 hours(11 years of constant operation before needing replacement, or in case 22 years of 50 % operation). Led lighting is different from the standard lighting because they do not burn out and stop working, they emit lower output levels after a long period of use and become less bright.


Led bulbs are far less fragile because they are not made from glass and are hollow inside. This is what makes them much durable even in a case of being dropped, but also in unpleasant conditions. Because of their resistant ability of bumps, wind vibrations, external influences, they also can be used in outer areas and be exposed on rain the wind. They are considered to be the best solution for freezers and ice boxes.

Instant light

They instantly brighten up when powered on, which makes them a great advantage for the projects of infrastructure, traffic, and signal lights because they provide the illumination as soon as the electrical current is passed through them without flickering which is not a case with a fluorescent bulb.


A low-voltage power supply is enough for the LED illumination, making it easy to use Led lighting in outer areas by connecting external solar-energy source which is a big advantage for the rural areas to use Led technology.

Without UV emissions

Led illuminations produce very little infrared light which is not close to UV emissions, and this makes them appropriate for materials and goods that are sensitive to heat. They are even good for illuminating UV sensitive objects such as plastic in the kitchen to artworks in museums.


Led lights are full of colors for various purposes and needs, so they can be used for any occasion that requires lighting while fluorescent lights can only provide cold blue color and white which is a little plain and not very accepted today.


Led lights consist of no toxic materials and are recyclable. Taking care for the environment is something that each of us should be responsible for. They don't contain mercury or any other gasses, and noxious UV rays.

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