Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Benefits Of Having Warm Lime Juice Every Morning

As you may have heard, drinking a glass of warm lime juice first thing in the morning is surprisingly helpful in many ways. This Ayurvedic ritual was first used to stimulate digestion and to eliminate the toxic slime that builds up in the gastro-intestinal tract. But aside of that, this ritual has been showing to offer many more health benefits. Interested to know them? Keep reading!

Ten benefits of having warm lime juice every morning

  1. Warm lime juice helps stimulate and purify the liver by liquefying bile and inhibiting excess bile flow.
  1. Warm lime juice support digestion. That is due to its atomic composition, which is quite similar to saliva and the hydroelectric acid of digestive juices.

  1. According to studies, the liver produces more enzymes from lime juice than from any other food.
  1. Warm lime juice helps bowels eliminate easily and naturally.
  1. Limes are rich in potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral that together with sodium allow a smooth electrical transmission in the brain and nervous system. Low potassium blood levels tend to lead anxiety, depression, forgetfulness and fogginess. Plus, the nervous system needs potassium to maintain steady signal to the heart. So your heart health is enhanced from warm lime juice.
  1. Magnesium and calcium are found in good ratio to each other in warm lime juice. Calcium help prevent rickets and magnesium is important for heart health.
  1. Warm lime juice can help lower blood pressure.
  1. Warm lime juice has an alkalizing effect in the body. Even when taken before a meal, it will still help the body keep a higher pH. The more alkaline you pH is, the more resistant your body will be to minor and major disease.
  1. Warm lime juice helps reduce phlegm in the body.
  1. Warm lime juice help dilute uric acid, which in excess can lead arthritic pain or gout.

How to drink warm lime juice and when

  • Use warm spring water or warm purified fluoride free water.
  • Squeeze at least a half of a lime into a half glass of the warm water.
  • Do not add any sweeter.
  • To get maximum juice with minimum effort and seeds use a lime squeezer.

This should be the first thing you drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait a bit to eat breakfast. For maximum results it is recommended that you wait an hour before eating.  

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