Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Gardening Trends

It is in our human nature to always ask for more. We are eager to learn new things and to follow the new trends be it in fashion, interior design or garden. From extremely big trees, to funny sculptures, pools and even hot tubs, we've seen it all in gardens, but the thing that stays always in fashion are the modern planters. Especially the self-watering planters are the best invention ever, as they will surely keep the soil moist and make your plants thrive healthy.
Since these days gardening is more popular than ever, we have decided to make a list with the latest gardening trends for 2016.

Vegetable Gardening In A Hdpe Planter Boxes
Maybe strange, but this is possible with the self-watering Hdpe planter boxes. These planters are specially designed for all types of plants, fruits and veggies, so you could grow them without any problem even when going on a business trip for several days. The self-watering Hdpe planter boxes have specially integrated system that keeps the soil moist and ensures your vegetables grow healthy.
The most important thing is that they have simple, sleek and modern design that gives you the freedom to place them anywhere you want – both indoors and outdoors.

Specially Designed Fire Pit Area
The second most appealing trend recently is the fire pit trend. Since there are different designs of fire pits – round and rectangular mainly, you can easily choose the one that will best fit in your garden area. Fire pits can transform your garden into the most entertaining and comfort zone for your whole family.
You can jazz up the seating area with some fancy cushions and self-watering planters around the sitting area for creating even more comfy and relaxing atmosphere.

Besides in our homes, lighting is getting more and more popular in the outdoor areas as well. Along with the small DIY decorations with jars and candles, you can invest in some fancy garden party lighting. You can use this type of lighting as a way to highlight the sitting area, or the one where you have planted plants and flowers.

Hanging Planters
The perfect way to transform your garden area from drab to fab is by placing hanging planters. They are great for planting different types of flowers, while creating a vibrant display. Another benefit of these planters is that they can offer you a lot of free space which you can use for something more useful.

Forget About The Lined Up Planters

According to this new trend, we should avoid arranging the planters in line. For instance, the cluttered triangle shape will add more dimension to your garden. You can also add different size and shape of planters, or even put a different size of plants.  

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