Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Intro Into Trio Motion Controller

Innovation doesn't happen overnight. You will need endless effort and a lot of time to achieve some breakthrough in the fast-growing field of technology. Trio motion technology has achieved this through creating high-performance motion control technology. Backed by experienced, they have created customised solutions for OEMS, manufacture motion control for a lot of drives and offer licences to other automation companies. They manufacture the best trio motion controller in the world and their product is always built with high durability and quality. In this article, we are going to go through the best trio motion controllers that the TRIO company has to offer.

The MC405 is a high-tech trio motion controller that uses ARM11 processor equipped with 5 flexible axis ports and 4 Voltage outputs. The axis ports are very flexible and can be programmed with special software either as feedback device or a pulse direction output. The outputs can be also used as pulse and direction combined with stepper so they can operate in an encoder output. When they are programmed as a feedback system, they can be either incremental encoder or a three polar encoder (SSI, Tamagawa and Endat). The MC405 has a built-in Ethernet port so you can program the device and have controller over the machine at any given time.

You can find the MC405 in two different axis configurations. Both models are equipped with sixteen axes of software and each axis can be programmed in different ways: linear, circular or electronic cam. It has easy to read display that allows you to watch over the controller status and can be easily handled, making it one of the best trio machines on the market.

The MC4N is a new technology from TRIO, that is dedicated to run remote controllers via the EtherCAT and real-time automation code. It has 532MHz ARM 11 processor that gives high speed on your axis counts and applications. The MC4N supports 32 axes with a 64-bit speed and offers you precise axis resolution. EtherCAT slave drives can be easily connected and can run a lot of cyclic synchronous positions while the speed and torque modes give an additional support to the drive.

It is equipped with the industry standard IEC 61131-3 languages and give you a lot of options thus accessing all functions of the PLC programming system. There are a couple of MC4N versions available for you to choose from : the 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 axes systems. All versions are supported with the 32-bit software axes that can also be used as virtual unless they are assigned by the EtherCAT hardware. Programming them is easy, you can do it by all the interpolations ( linear, circular, helical and electronic cameras).

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