Monday, October 17, 2016

Venetian Blinds: Buy Once Measure Twice

how to measure for venetian blinds
Thinking about installing venetian blinds in your home? Terrific, they are the best choice you could make especially if you are more into the contemporary and modern looking home. Before we proceed with the matter in hand, you must know that venetian blinds can come in two forms, wooden and aluminium, and both of them are great, however, if I was you, I would lean on the aluminium ones as they are more fancy, modern, stylish, and a lot easier to clean. Now, let's get back to the installation process. Even though easy as pie, if you are new to installing venetian blinds, you will need to follow some guidelines in order to learn how to measure for venetian blinds without making a mistake. Learning how to measure for venetian blinds, in fact, is crucial if you want to take the most accurate measurements and have them properly and precisely installed.

Measuring for your new venetian blinds is a straightforward process where the “hardest” part would be getting your tools together like the pencil, a tape measure, and a piece of paper where you can write down your notes. The first thing you need to decide is whether you need an inside mount or outside mount. An inside mount is when the blind is mounted inside the window frame while an outside mount is when the blind is mounted either on the window frame itself or outside the frame on the wall. The directions for measuring for an inside mount or outside mount are slightly different. Let's have a look.

Inside Mount Measure

For a great result, ensure you have enough window depth to accommodate the depth of your blind. The general rule of thumb says that it is best to add an extra 10 millimetres so there will be enough space for the blind to fit neatly inside the recess. Usually, for most household roller blinds, 60 millimetres is enough. If the depth is less than the depth of your blind, the blind will pop outside the recess, or it may not function as it should if it's hard up against the window.

Take your paper, draw a square or rectangle which will represent your window. In case you are measuring multiple windows at once, give them a label in order not to mix the measures up. Now, take the measuring tape, place it on the inside window recess and measure across the inside of the frame. Do this at both the top and the bottom of the window frame since not all windows are perfectly square or rectangle. Do not forget to allow for any obstacles like window winders or sills that might get in the way, and in case there is, you may want to consider an outside mount. Now write down the width of your window frame and in case your window is not perfectly square, use the shortest width measurement as a guide in order to make sure the blind fits nicely from top to bottom. Measure the length from the top of the inside recess right to the base of the window sill and write down the length of your window frame.

 Outside Mount Measure

Our instruction for measuring for outside mounted venetian blinds are designed for windows with timber, architraves or metal frames. The procedure is almost the same, First you need to draw a square or rectangle on a piece of paper which will represent your window frame. Now, if you have an architrave, take the tape measure and place it on the edge that is outside of the architrave. Once done, measure the width of the windows to the opposite edge and write down the width of the window (do the same thing for measuring the length). Do not forget to allow for enough space for the headrail to be fitted above the window.

Simply said, measuring for your venetian blinds is a piece of cake, you just need to take measures carefully and double check. It is best to spend that bit of extra time you have on double checks in order to have perfectly measured blinds.

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