Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Venetian Blinds Every Room Demands Different Material

Blinds. Whether you consider to change your old ones or you want to install them for the first time, they play an important role in your home. Except for its appeal and adding charm to the precise area, blinds can provide you with extra privacy that cannot be achieved only by having blinds. And when speaking about quality blinds, believe me, you cannot go wrong with Venetian ones. From the warm of natural timber to the simple PVC and aluminium, there is a Venetian blind style to suit every room of both commercial and residential spaces.

Jazz up your Living Room

Let's start with the living room, the place where we like to lounge and relax after a busy day at work. Precisely this is the room where all types of Venetian blinds can be used as they do not have any specific requirement. The key to choosing the right type of Venetian blind is to pick something that will suit your taste and ones that will complement the existing d├ęcor of the space. If what you want is to add warmth in your home, opt for timber blinds, otherwise opt for aluminium blinds as they are flexible enough to match the existing interior design. Aluminium blinds are also a great option when having to cover a lot of windows in a large space as they are more affordable while still robust and durable solution.

Jazz up your Sanctuary Room

Usually, bedrooms are placed on that side of the home that receives a lot of sun which means that you will need something that will block out the sun while absorbing the heat. If you fall into this category, then it is best to look for timber Venetian blinds, otherwise, you can still choose PVC or aluminium Venetian blinds. One thing is certain, make sure the blinds are lightweight, easy to maintain and easy to open.

...What about the Bathroom?

 If you have a good ventilation system, then the blinds might not be directly exposed to heat, however, you still need something that is sturdy and able to withstand long-term contact with moisture. The best type of material for this purpose is aluminium or eventually PVC material as these two materials can handle heat and moisture while being extremely easy to maintain.

Adorn your Kitchen

Kitchen, the place where heat and moisture are a common thing. Even if you don't cook that much, you still need something that can withstand the steam and moisture coming from the oven and cooktop while cooking. Once again, aluminium and PVC material are your best option for Venetian blinds. They are durable but still appealing blinds solution.

Jazz up the Kids Room

Lastly, the kids room requires a safe and secure type of blinds. Hanging chains and cords can be quite dangerous for your kids, so the best option for your kids room are the cordless and chain less PVC Venetian blinds.
source: https://www.iseekblinds.com.au/aluminium-venetian-blinds.html

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